Hello there! Welcome to my blog. If you haven’t checked out the About section yet, I am Ramesh Ranjan and I am a diehard sports fan. People tell me I’m a fan of the most peculiar and unique teams around. For example, I am unabashed fan of the Nashville Predators. There is a reason behind that and perhaps I will save it for a blog post later on.

What I am more interested in is what marketing ideas and actions that teams like the Predators are doing to bring fans into the building. What is it that professional sports teams do to build a brand, create a following, and bring them back for more? This blog will look at the business of sports and what teams are doing through social media, sponsorships, partnerships, branding, promotions and more to bring people into their building.

I openly encourage respectful comments and discussion. A lot of the time, I will substitute the word ‘team’ with ‘brand’ because that is what these organizations are trying to do. With that said, I would love to know what your favourite sports ‘brands’ are and what makes you want to follow them?

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