The Importance Of Blogging In Sports

Let’s face it. Blogging is a content marketing tool that works. People like unique content that speaks to them and encourages them to interact. It works that way in the sports industry. Blogging is something I wished MORE teams did to engage their target audience – the fans of their team and the average sports fan.

People innately want to know more of something. Blogging provides a solution to the curiosity of every sports fan. It serves a need and if it can reel in someone who just a casual fan and turn them into a hardcore, engaged fan, then you know it works.

Here are my recommendations for the sports industry to leverage the power of blogging:

  1. Guest blogging. I see guest blogging as something that would be incredibly popular. We’ve seen teams have a few athletes do Question and Answer features where fans have the opportunity to send their questions to the athletes. The team will put out an article or video with answers to those questions. I’d like to see more teams doing guest blogging where the ‘guest’ is a player on the team. Fans like engaging with their favourite athletes and want to hear a unique voice. I know that I would be more willing to engage with a brand/team if their athletes were more accessible to fans. That helps with creating and building a brand that cares about its fans.
  2. Behind-the-Scenes blogs. Every fan would love to be a fly on the wall in the player’s clubhouse to hear what is said and what gets talked about. It’s just part of the human condition. We’re all curious people. If teams are more transparent with their organizational structures, they’ll earn more trust from fans than they think. Building this trust is an integral part of building a brand. If a team were to let a camera in and follow a player around for a day, on a semi-consistent basis, it’d be captivating and pretty entertaining for fans to consume. Mesh that video in with a regular written blog that incites comments and questions from fans and you’ve got a great piece of content going.
  3. Expand the reach of the blog. Using social media and search engine optimization to make your post shareable and searchable are must-do’s for blogs. While the business of sports is big enough that a team blog would get shared around well, you still want to promote it through social networking websites and make sure that every post is optimized for search engines. Getting your blogs indexed through Google will increase your potential traffic and generate possible leads that would have never otherwise crossed your blog post had they not seen it in search results.

Creating and leveraging new, unique content will positively impact any professional sports team. It’ll generate interest, get fans engaged and build and nurture relationships with other fans. That’s what every sports team/brand wants to do – get more fans involved in the on-goings of their team.

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